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This is Tyler, our youngest son and the face of the Education Coffeehouse since he was just a toddler. As you can see, Tyler is no longer a child; he graduated high school in May 2014 and is now attending my alma mater, Indiana University. We have been blessed to raise two beautiful young men (Grant, our oldest graduated high school in 2012) who both made education a priority. I am honored to share the tips and techniques used to help them achieve this important goal.

I hope this information empowers each and every visitor to #AlwaysDream Bigger and #NeverSayNever!

I am so happy to be able to update this website with beautiful pictures to now include my great neice and nephews -- Nyela, Naasir, Elijah, Giovanni, and Maasai -- and children of my former students. They continue to work very hard to achieve their own educational goals and dreams (yes, educational success starts VERY young).

Throughout these pages, I share wisdom obtained through research and my own two plus decades of teaching and administrative experience on ground and online; in traditional and vocational settings; with secondary students and adults. I also modeled a number of parenting techniques on my classroom materials and am very happy to also share that information here.

All stakeholders will find nuggets of wisdom:

Educators will find tips on how to engage hard to reach students and parents with classroom learning, non-confrontational classroom management strategies, and links to teaching resources online;

Parents and guardians will find helpful information on how to be effective educational advocates for their children, discipline ideas to encourage educational success, and tips on how to prepare children for success, inside and out;

Students will find strategies for success, how to locate learning resources online, and enjoy learning for the sake of learning;

Writers can brush up on challenges they face in putting words to paper.

Learning should be challenging but not frustrating. I am happy to provide these
stress-free suggestions for making your journey to success one to simply sit back
and enjoy!

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Professor Marsha


Marsha Burson Bass, ABD


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